Mini Keyboard with remote Control


General Description :
This product is a remote controller with the multi-function of Air Mouse,Keyboard,Multimedia For Android Control and For Somatic games support.
Specification :
With using advanced 6 axes solution of 3 axes G-Sensor + 3 axis Gyroscope sensor.
RF 2.4 GHz wireless communication.
Working Distance:10m
Frequency Range: 2400~2483 GHz.
Working current < < 20 mA
Sleep current < < 20 uA
Rechargeable lithium battery.
Indication: 1 LED indicator
Product size 151 * 45* 14 mm (length * width * height)
Receiver Size:18.58*14.59*6.7mm(length * width * height) mini receiver
Weight: 65 g
USB type: USB2.0
System: Compatible with for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android.
Product features:
2.4G Wireless, USB receiver, Plug and play;
360 degree Non-directional remote control;
Air Mouse, Anti-shake algorithm;
Wireless keyboard;
Somatic games;
Compatible OS:For Windows,Mac OS,Android,Linux;
Devices:PC,Smart TV,Set-top-box,Network Media Player,Tablet,Game player,etc.
Pairing :
Warning:This operation may disconnect the original paired connection,Please operate with cautions.
1) Plug in the USB dongle receiver. Keep the distance between the remote control and the pc within 1m
2) Press the “OK(Enter)”and “Return”Keys at the time for 2 seconds,When there’s cursor on the screen,pairing succeed.
Hibernation :
The remote control will turn into hibernation mode when it stays still for 20 seconds.Press any key to wake up the remote control.
Notice :
1) Battery :
Keep the battery with enough power. When the voltage is low, the stability of mouse cursor will be affected.We suggest charging for one hour continuously.
2) Working distance:
This actual working distance of this remote will be affected by electromagnetic field. Please make sure the receiver has not been covered by metal items.
3) Pairing:The pairing has been finished before the remote control leaves the factory.This function can only be used by distributors.
Operation method:
1, this support 2.4G wireless, so you need to plug in the air mouse USB adapter, in order to receive the 10m signal. All keyboard keys can be used.
1. As a universal controller, some function keys might not work for your system if it is customized by its manufacture. ( It supports for Android Smart TV, IPTV, Networked set-top Box, Mini PC, Android TV Box, HTPC and PCTV .It’s easy to use, just plug and play)
2.The TV must be adjusted to network TV and must be inserted into the USB adapter to use in the case of the system.
Package included
1 x Air mouse
1 x USB receiver
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

Mini Keyboard with remote Control
Mini Keyboard with remote Control